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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our approach to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) is to focus on performance, by measuring, scoring and driving forward the leadership, activities and initiatives of organisations, that lead to excellent ESG results. These (non-financial) ESG activities and results clearly drive financial performance, which is how and why the world’s leading investment houses have renewed their focus on ESG. Varcis Hill uses an innovative new method, the Samson ESG Scoring MethodTM, which is completely non-intrusive, industry agnostic and performance driven, which allows companies to self-improve on their ESG performance. Businesses are increasingly also using ESG criteria in selecting their suppliers. Our ESG scorecard measures, for any industry, company size, or non-profit organisation the key elements of what makes for an organisation that engages its stakeholders as part of its success.

Our Approach

Our approach at Varcis Hill is to quantify and score ESG leadership, practices and results, based on the extent to which ESG is systematic, sustainable, aligned and innovative. We provide a universal diagnostic system for deeply and precisely understanding a business’ ESG strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking across companies regardless of their size and industry and identifying and tracking progress in ESG through time. Our approach is focussed on ESG performance, not just conformance. The approach is:
  • Non-intrusive, Samson ESG Scoring Method™ is compatible with other ESG scoring solutions.
  • Industry agnostic, in that it applies equally well to any organisation in any industry or sector.
  • Performance oriented, going well beyond compliance, and able to be used for benchmarking and launching ESG improvement initiatives.

We provide value for:

  • Executives who wish to take their ESG performance forward.
  • Investors and their advisors who want a universal, balanced and fair scoring system for ESG.
  • Customers who want to take account of ESG in their purchasing decisions.
  • Employees who want to work in organisations that are strong and proactive in ESG.
  • Companies who wish to know how to improve on their ESG score.
“Our Samson ESG Scoring Method™ is an industry agnostic, performance based and non-intrusive ESG scoring approach which complements and does not in any way replace existing ESG assessments and reports, but rather uses that exact information to rigorously summarise the ESG position in an organisation.”
– Professor Danny Samson, Professor of Management
University of Melbourne

Varcis Hill ESG Services

At Varcis Hill, we provide 4 categories of ESG services bespoke for our clients. We offer end-to-end solutions for all your ESG needs.
ESG Reporting  
  • To deliver professional reporting on ESG to meet the latest Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listing Rules Appendix 27 ESG Reporting Guide.
ESG Scoring 
  • Our proprietary Samson ESG Scorecard Report will measure your ESG performance and allows you to benchmark and understand your ESG score.
ESG Training
  • Conduct certified ESG and anti-corruption training for directors and managers as required by Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s latest guidelines.
ESG Evaluation
  • Through a full analysis of ESG performance, our professional team will expertly craft ESG strategies and solutions tailormade for the company to improve on ESG performance.
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