VARCIS Group is our corporate advisory pillar that value adds by leveraging our capital and industry experience and networks across sports media, brands, family offices and institutions. Our strength lies in our unique positioning at the intersection of sports and health tech, Asian capital and distribution markets and channels.

VARCIS Group has a world-class leadership team and a global fast growth platform that has created Asia’s sports technology ecosystem for sports and human performance technology companies. VARCIS® combines 150 years experience in elite sports, investment management, brand and distribution licensing, venture growth research and transaction advice.
Our networks have access to thousands of sports teams, leagues and organizations in Asia and internationally. We have powerful distribution channels for sports and health across China, India, Hong Kong, Australia, and all 48 countries across the Asia-Pacific region.

"The VARCIS® team works closely with portfolio companies by providing value add technical and domain expertise across the whole sports and health tech ecosystems."

We work closely with companies to:

  • Conduct due diligence to intimately understand their business and market opportunity;
  • Facilitate product and investor roadshows to validate growth opportunities in Asia, and;
  • Help educate companies to better understand the Asian business landscape and enable them to activate their Asian growth plans smoothly and successfully.

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